Subject re:OT:Inovations
Author Marius Popa
i thought that SqlServer had some kind of External functions like udf's
before the 2k edition
in the article saw the xml extensions
when we'll have the same things in ib,
and suport for 32 processors (64 G memory)
some other improovments:
"Another key area of improvement is the full-text search capabilities in
SQL Server"
"Replication is an area where improvements have been made in performance,
reliability and feature set"
"In addition to these enhancements, SQL Server now supports multiple
instances of the database engine running concurrently "
we have to see the ib limit's :200 connection's (on a Windoze platform)
how to use it in a internet server
look at the mers they are down all the time almost (is truth they are using
some kind of linux (sad pinguin ;( ) not
a true Unix like BSD )
i'm not the judger of interbase but for me (and other's ) we should look in
our garden first to see what we should do
-increase conn... number
-SMP suport
-real crash control (i have a lot of databases with wrong page number ;( so
i have to pump them manually after gfix fail )
-xml support
-multiple instances