Subject RE: [IBO] re:OT:Inovations
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: Marius Popa [mailto:mpopa@...]
> Sent: Jueves 8 de Febrero de 2001 13:01
> i thought that SqlServer had some kind of External functions like udf's
> before the 2k edition

Only a kludge known as extended procedures.

> in the article saw the xml extensions
> when we'll have the same things in ib,

I don't see the point in making this part of the engine. They can be
implemented as an add-on.

> and suport for 32 processors (64 G memory)

If IB4.1 still was in development, it would be available now. The bottleneck
is the lock manager. Also, high amount of memory doesn't make any favor to
IB. The cache doesn't improve above 10000 pages.

> some other improovments:
> "Another key area of improvement is the full-text search capabilities in
> SQL Server"

Again, this doesn't need to be built in the core product.

> "Replication is an area where improvements have been made in performance,
> reliability and feature set"

We have IBReplicator. It works. If not for Borland, it would be part of the
engine now.

> "In addition to these enhancements, SQL Server now supports multiple
> instances of the database engine running concurrently "

This is like having IB classic running. It was dropped from Windows
development when IB4.2 appeared.

> we have to see the ib limit's :200 connection's (on a Windoze platform)

IB5.7 gets rid of this limit. Borland did that for a specific client. I
believe Ann was working on this issue before July 1999, just ask in

> how to use it in a internet server
> look at the mers they are down all the time almost (is truth they
> are using
> some kind of linux (sad pinguin ;( ) not
> a true Unix like BSD )

This is the first time I hear that Mers is down almost all the time. Maybe
this is due to another issue.

> i'm not the judger of interbase but for me (and other's ) we
> should look in
> our garden first to see what we should do
> -increase conn... number

I think it's done.

> -SMP suport

Just use classic... where available.

> -real crash control (i have a lot of databases with wrong page
> number ;( so
> i have to pump them manually after gfix fail )

This is not a consequence of IB crashing. This is a logic error in some
part of the engine.

> -xml support
> -multiple instances

I wouldn't waste my time on xml unless somebody integrated Java with the
engine and we get some packages to deal with xml. Again, multiple instances
is a thing of the past. Borland believed in 1996 that in Windows, classic
has to be abandoned. We would need to recompile it changing settings to not
produce superserver.