Subject RE: [IBO] Invalid column reference
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> From: s.beames@... [mailto:s.beames@...]
> Sent: Jueves 8 de Febrero de 2001 16:40
> G'day,
> when I use the nifty new SQL editor to enter a TIB_Query custom
> EditSQL statement like:
> I get an error message of "Invalid custom DML column reference:
> CATEGORY2.OLD_CAT2" when executing my app.
> If I remove the table name thus:
> :CATEGORY2.OLD_CAT2, -----> :OLD_CAT2,
> it appears happy.
> I've noticed this 'feature' before when following some of the GSG
> examples. Am I missing something?
> Using BCB5, 3.6.Ce TEST3, Firebird WI-T0.9.4.41, Win98SE

Steve, I could have solved it, but I needed to force a Prepare of the
TIB_Query. If I force this step, I can know whether the SELECT statement has
one or more tables involved. If there's only one table, I can avoid the name
of the table in front of the field name. The thing revolves around the idea
of not forcing a prepare of the underlying TIB_Query for every editor helper
However, for guessing OrderingItems there was no other option than to force
a prepare and hence know some field properties.
Don't fiddle with old values of fields in dialect 3. The generated syntax
(OLD_"name") is wrong and I agreed with Jason in a syntax after the initial
code for the helper dialog was created.