Subject Re: [IBO] Feature Request (Generators) - One last try :)
Author Jason Wharton
Ok, now your point is clear. You want to say use a particular generator and
the amount it is incremented. I can't imaging why you want to increment it
by 100 as I have never in all my years come across a situation needing this.
It suggests to me that perhaps there is some oddity in your application
design that could lead to future problems or deficiencies.

I agree that it is an option with the GEN_ID and I should make this
possible. I will add this to the list of things to do. For now, you can
write an event in the OnNewRecord and call the GEN_ID() function manually to
get the values.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] Feature Request (Generators) - One last try :)

> Hi,
> ok I'll give it one last try. I want my Generator to be incremented by
> (maybe a 1000 later
> but 100 is fine for now).
> I know what Gen_id does, it would mean one procedure per table in the
> database that I use
> interactively. Or one procedure with a stringlist of generator names and a
> Tag to each Query. Which means that if I need the tag for something else
> it's gone.
> It wouldn't take a lot to change TIB_Query to be able to increment the
> Generator by X. Where
> X is any number.
> Now I would prefer to use the existing Generator Links to do this.
> Basically there are 2 possible strategies. First would be to add a
> called
> GeneratorIncrement to and the use that number, but I dislike that because
> TIB_Query has
> enough properties already.
> The second would be to enhance the sintax to put it in the GeneratorLinks.
> Don't know if your
> stringlist parser has that built in.
> If not it would be to much work to bother with this and I'd just do this
> the manual way. If your
> parser does support it the change to code would be minimal.
> 2 lines in the IBA_Dataset.INP Unit, in the SysGetServerDefaults
> The first is line 3956 (release Cd). The other is a few lines down.
> My first thought was to write a descendant to encapsulate this and then I
> wouldn't have
> bothered the list, but this couldn't be done by way of the Generator links
> because
> SysGetServerDefaults isn't virtual. Otherwise I'd have just done filled
> filed with the
> appropriate values and then called the inherited.
> And changing the source of IBO is of course not an option because at the
> next update it would
> be gone!
> Ok, that was more detailed than I planned but I hope it's clear now.
> The reason I requested this is that it seems to come up every now and
> I'm not the only
> one who increments the generator by more than 1. Checked the list and it
> has been here
> before and it's in the FAQ as well. So I figured it might be worthwhile to
> add as a feature.
> If you can add this then great and if not then I'd just appreciate a
> No and I'll do it my
> way (whichever I opt for).
> Thanks :)
> At 16:38 07.02.2001, you wrote:
> >If you want it to be any number you want just use the DefaultValues
> >property. Plug in that number and that is all there is to it.
> >
> >Jason Wharton
> >CPS - Mesa AZ
> >