Subject Re: [IBO] Feature Request (Generators) - One last try :)
Author Christian Mautendorfer

ok I'll give it one last try. I want my Generator to be incremented by 100.
(maybe a 1000 later
but 100 is fine for now).
I know what Gen_id does, it would mean one procedure per table in the
database that I use
interactively. Or one procedure with a stringlist of generator names and a
Tag to each Query. Which means that if I need the tag for something else
it's gone.

It wouldn't take a lot to change TIB_Query to be able to increment the
Generator by X. Where
X is any number.

Now I would prefer to use the existing Generator Links to do this.
Basically there are 2 possible strategies. First would be to add a property
GeneratorIncrement to and the use that number, but I dislike that because
TIB_Query has
enough properties already.
The second would be to enhance the sintax to put it in the GeneratorLinks.
Don't know if your
stringlist parser has that built in.
If not it would be to much work to bother with this and I'd just do this
the manual way. If your
parser does support it the change to code would be minimal.
2 lines in the IBA_Dataset.INP Unit, in the SysGetServerDefaults procedure.
The first is line 3956 (release Cd). The other is a few lines down.

My first thought was to write a descendant to encapsulate this and then I
wouldn't have
bothered the list, but this couldn't be done by way of the Generator links
SysGetServerDefaults isn't virtual. Otherwise I'd have just done filled the
filed with the
appropriate values and then called the inherited.

And changing the source of IBO is of course not an option because at the
next update it would
be gone!

Ok, that was more detailed than I planned but I hope it's clear now.
The reason I requested this is that it seems to come up every now and then.
I'm not the only
one who increments the generator by more than 1. Checked the list and it
has been here
before and it's in the FAQ as well. So I figured it might be worthwhile to
add as a feature.

If you can add this then great and if not then I'd just appreciate a simple
No and I'll do it my
way (whichever I opt for).

Thanks :)

At 16:38 07.02.2001, you wrote:
>If you want it to be any number you want just use the DefaultValues
>property. Plug in that number and that is all there is to it.
>Jason Wharton
>CPS - Mesa AZ