Subject Re: [IBO] Re: OT: Help files help
Author Jason Wharton

> Just my 2p worth - I'm probably in a world of my own ;-)

No, I agree that there is much need for improvements to the help file. The
reason it isn't better than it is now stems from the history of the growth
and upbuilding of IBO itself. I can justify things the way they are but it
doesn't diminish your point any.

Here's the bottom line. Either I suspend all future development and do it
myself or I pay someone else to do it. Both of these options are nearly
impossible right now but not for too long if InterBase would get a more
solid footing in the market place and become clear and obvious that it was
going to thrive instead of just survive.

In my opinion, InterBase is in the late stages of recovery/survival from its
near fatal blow over a year ago. Things are continuing to look up and I am
very encouraged. I will always use InterBase for my own projects so it will
always be developed. That is investment I am comfortable making. Spending
tens of thousands of dollars to have someone make a help file that does IBO
justice is something I approach much more cautiously.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ