Subject Re: OT: Help files help
Author Aage Johansen
Helen wrote:
>What I have not is money to pay the rent whilst I write it.

And another one wrote:
>And therein lies the crunch! I, like Christian (and I imagine many
>others), would be happy to pay in advance for your book (being fully
>aware of your knowledge and commitment), but I fear you still may not
>earn enough to make it worth your while, given the relatively small
>size of the IBO community. Have you done the sums to determine the
>breakeven point above which you could actually afford to eat again? ;)

Yes, of course. I fully intended to write this book.


Well, I'd very much like to see the book happen - and I don't think I'm the
only one. How can I buy a share (or shares) in the project?

Aage J.