Subject IB_Grid Column Titles etc.
Author staff@belding
Some questions and comments for an experienced user or developer from a
relatively new user. I use D5 and IBO 3.6Ce.

1. How do I change the Title of a Column in a TIB_Grid?

MyGrid.GridFields[0].DisplayName, and MyGrid.GridFields[0].GridDisplayName
are read only according to the compiler. (I do not have source) The IBO help
file indicates "GridDisplayName" can be assigned. "If GridDisplayName is
left blank then DisplayName or the column's field name will be used".
Presumably if it is not left blank it will be used as the DisplayName. My
long field names are not good to show to users.

2. What is TIB_Column.AttributeParams? The help file is obscure. "User
defined column properties can be stored via this property" An example would
be helpful.

3. If by accident one uses a TIB_Cursor as the dataset for an TIB_Grid,
instead of an TIB_Query, the program crashes without a helpful error
message. I know the help file says to use an TIB_Query. However the
TIB_Cursor and TIB_Query are easily mistaken for each other as they are next
to each other on the palette and have almost the same image. An error
message following the nil assignment in GetDBDataset in IBG_GridLink.pas
would be helpful. And save some new users much time.