Subject Trustware license.
Author Mirko's
Excuse me for sending this mail here but i wrote some day ago
to Jason Wharton but I don't receive response. I rewrite today
to Jason but I don't know if I do the right thing.

In order to have a Trustware free license I wrote an e-mail to
jwharton@... explaning what i do with IBO and
that i don't have profit from the program i create.
I need a my personal license and another for my office; also
work in my office is no-profit because i work in a town hall
in a little town.
What is the correct method in order to obtain a free license
with all source file?
I need source because i must correct the function TrimExt()
because i use large number (es Numeric(18,4)) and testing
the trial version i can't insert in TIBOTable number with
more of 9 position.
Sorry for my English and thank you.
Mirko Guidolin