Subject Re: [IBO] Trustware license.
Author Daniel Rail
Just be patient. Jason might have some important matters to attend to,
since I did notice that he didn't reply to any messages for the past since
Wednesday. This is kind of abnormal and usually he does try to tell the
group if he's not going to be able to answer any questions or respond to
e-mails. Give him a few days. Of what I noticed, it's pretty much in his
habit to answer every e-mail sent to him directly.

Maybe Helen or Geoff knows a bit more.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Med Software Inc. (

At 14/12/2001 04:24 PM, you wrote:
>Excuse me for sending this mail here but i wrote some day ago
>to Jason Wharton but I don't receive response. I rewrite today
>to Jason but I don't know if I do the right thing.
>In order to have a Trustware free license I wrote an e-mail to
>jwharton@... explaning what i do with IBO and
>that i don't have profit from the program i create.
>I need a my personal license and another for my office; also
>work in my office is no-profit because i work in a town hall
>in a little town.
>What is the correct method in order to obtain a free license
>with all source file?
>I need source because i must correct the function TrimExt()
>because i use large number (es Numeric(18,4)) and testing
>the trial version i can't insert in TIBOTable number with
>more of 9 position.
>Sorry for my English and thank you.
>Mirko Guidolin