Subject Re: [IBO] IB_Currency is coming... need your last feedback before release to Jason
Author mmenaz
--- In IBObjects@y..., "John Tomaselli" <jrt@g...> wrote:
> Marco,
> How can I test/Use this component.
> John

You can simply drop it into you form ;) It's included in IBO starting from 4.2.Fb.
In the source header, IBC_Currency.INT, you can see a brief explaination of it's properties, one by one.
Since my first message, my plans have a little changed, since I'm using it in my own (of course) and I've added some functionality not mentioned in the draft.
What I think I will definetly drop (not implement) is the drop down calculator, since I'm worried by it's complexity for a only "cosmetic" behaviour.
Of course you can now perform calculation "in place" (with the limit of the display precision, so division/multiply are not good operation to perform if multiple) and still use the minus sign.
If you go to you will find that IB_Currency is listed too ;)
Looking forward to having your feedback
Marco Menardi