Subject Re: [IBO] generator on post
> >I only use GeneratorLink. This does indead use up a number
> >when creating the 'blank', which can not be 'returned' if
> >you then cancel the record. I build the record before
> >calling the insert, so only call insert IF I want to add the
> >record.
> It sounds interesting, but I cannot imagine, how you build the record before
> calling the insert. What about if you have IB_Edits on the form and the user
> clicks on the update bar to insert a new record. Then the generator is fired
> and after canceling the number is lost and a gape occures. What can we do
> with this? I?ve read the Jason?s article about auditable series, but the
> solution seems not to be too streightforward.

You build the new data on a pop-up which does not have
'live' data components, you can use lookups for drop down
lists, but you do not pass the record onto the database
until you are happy with the content. I even check bits like
unique buy attempting to locate records, rather than an
error on the insert. Once everthing is complete - then you
do the insert.

In line editing can be very useful, but some of the time
it's more of a hindrance. My customers are happier working
read only, and doing any 'structural' editing in an off-line
manor, copy the data to a local store, edit it and only post
back if required. I use kbmmemTab, in memory table for
storing detail.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services