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Author Norman Dunbar
The problem with generators is simply that they are outside of transaction
When a sequence number is generated, that is it. The generation cannot be
rolled back if the transaction itself is rolled back.
This leads to the gaps you mention.

I work with Oracle databases, and I have things called sequences which are
exactly the same as Interbase generators.
These too are outside transaction control, so if a transaction rolls back,
there will be a 'lost' number from the sequence.

The answer is to use Jason's tech article to ensure that there are no lost
sequence numbers, or, simply ignore the fact that a sequence number has gone

HTH (slightly ?)


PS. Why can't I ever type 'regrads' correctly :o)

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Lester wrote:
>I only use GeneratorLink. This does indead use up a number
>when creating the 'blank', which can not be 'returned' if
>you then cancel the record. I build the record before
>calling the insert, so only call insert IF I want to add the

It sounds interesting, but I cannot imagine, how you build the record before
calling the insert. What about if you have IB_Edits on the form and the user
clicks on the update bar to insert a new record. Then the generator is fired
and after canceling the number is lost and a gape occures. What can we do
with this? I?ve read the Jason?s article about auditable series, but the
solution seems not to be too streightforward.


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