Subject Re: [IBO] generator on post
> I have set a generator links field.
> Now I experienced, that e.g. in IB_Grid whenever appending a new row, a
> new generator value is looked up.
> Even if cancelled and redone, a new value is generated.

That is what a generator does, everytime you call a new
value you get a new number.

> I found a good solution in IBX for that: There you could select, when
> the generator value should be pulled:
> 1.) on create (in buffer)
> 2.) on Post
> 3.) never (done by own procedure or handler)
> Is a schema like "generate OnPost" in IBO?

I only use GeneratorLink. This does indead use up a number
when creating the 'blank', which can not be 'returned' if
you then cancel the record. I build the record before
calling the insert, so only call insert IF I want to add the

If you don't want to add the generator value until later,
then this causes a problem in IBO because it does not know
where to refresh the record from.

If you want option 2 or 3, just set up the old style
trigger, don't set GeneratorLinks, and take the performance
hit of having to find the new record after the server has
changed the value.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services