Subject Re: [IBO] Win XP
> Got a New Toshiba Notebook with XP Home Edition

You poor thing <g>

> Pulling my hair out. Spent all day compararing
> everything to working desktop machine, but just
> can't put my finger on it :(
> IBConsole upon connection to a DataBase
> keeps giving a "service_mgr not defined" message.

Does the Home edition actually have 'networking' ? I was
under the impression that this was like Professional and
Server, some network functions are not available on
Professional so you have to pay for the server version. In
the case of the Home version I thought that Microsoft had
disabled 'corporate' types things!

If that is not the case, then they have probably just move
where something SHOULD be stored, and so the install is
writing to the wrong place.

Sorry I can't help further - my copy of XP would not run ANY
programs, even the one to change the password, because the
installition I upgraded from did not have a password set.
I'm back on W2k, but the customers have ALL now said "Forget
XP we will stick with 98SE and NT4Sp6, we know that works".

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services