Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQUERY Problem
> After trying out all sorts of components to help us design large (3million
> record +) read-only multi user fast information systems and I have found the
> best solution in delphi, simply IBO + DevExpress (menus, grid & memdata) +
> Report Builder. I have spent to much of my time struggling with standard
> grids, menus and IBX/BDE and QuickReport.

The only thing we agree on is IBO <g>.

For historic reasons I'm on Builder(5) but IBO is just as
good there. I think I can see what you are saying about
DevExpress, but I suspect it would baulk at my use of
tables. In some forms I have the one IB_Grid, and the layout
is determined by the IB_Query I select. In RX that was a
pain because you needed to build the grid on the fly or have
lots of grids, now I just modify or add queries without
having to worry so much. Some is even managed in the
database so I don't even reprogram. It even uses the same
colour coding module for all of them, but thats propably
more luck than planning.

I move from QuickReport to FastReport which allows me to
print what is showing on the screen without any changes.

Choice is nice, but with so many options once you have
something that work for you stick to it <g>

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services