Subject RE: [IBO] IBO and BCB4 - Install Problems
Author Norman Dunbar
Hi Lester,

Not too sure I follow .......

>> You don't need the b and c, they are all contained in d.
OK, no worries - I assumed that I had to start with the full release then
add on top.

>> Your new folder will cause problems with the 'packaged'
>> projects - which may be why you had more trouble.
I don't do packages a lot, at all, so I'm not sure what you mean here.

>> I found that if I was not in $(BCB)\Projects then the \Bpl and \Lib
>> had problems. So the project files are tested on the basis
>> of $(BCB)\Projects\IBO** ( and $(BCB)\Projects\IBO**\Inter
>> for the .obj's )
I have problems when inter is used - I get errors on the build of VRT with
14 'cannot find *.obj' messages. DOing away with the inter and putting the
obj files into the source folder makes this problem go away.

>> I find that compiling one at a time works easier for the
>> first build - just use the right hand mouse in the project
>> manager, and select build or install depending if it is a
>> runtime, or designtime.
I did that in one attempt - same problems as mentioned in Eric's email. The
VDT package wouldn't install beciuse of unit clashes with ib_process in CRT
and VRT, when it tried to load TRT. As far as the build process is
concerned, it does 'just work'. In the past I have always used the
individual build.

>> I need to check the project files, if Jason touches
>> something, it sometimes changes the default entry ( THAT IS
>> THE BUG! ) then the project will only run on his setup.
I see, I knew that there was/is a bug where the various paths get changed
from something we type to something totally random that the IDE thinks we
should be using. I believe that if you specify a full UNC path, it will not
be changed. Of course, it should really use relative paths :o)

>> This is the same problem as above - I took a lot of trouble
>> to get all the projects using \Inter for the intermediate
>> files simply because the IDE default is not consistant. I
>> suspect that something is broken here because of the same
>> IDE problem above!
And then I go and take it all out - sorry !

I shall have to bow to your superior knowlege on the matters of packages
etc, but at least I now have a working installation. I just tested it on the
HELP.GDB database supplied with the new Firebird RC1.


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