Subject Re: [IBO] IBO and BCB4 - Install Problems
> Create a new folder under $(BCB)\source\ibobjects\IBO42F
> Extract to the above folder.
> Extract to the above overwriting all files as appropriate.
> Extract to the above overwriting all files as appropriate.
> Extract to the above overwriting all files as appropriate.

You don't need the b and c, they are all contained in d.
Your new folder will cause problems with the 'packaged'
projects - which may be why you had more trouble. I found
that if I was not in $(BCB)\Projects then the \Bpl and \Lib
had problems. So the project files are tested on the basis
of $(BCB)\Projects\IBO** ( and $(BCB)\Projects\IBO**\Inter
for the .obj's )

> Select PROJECT|BUILD ALL PROJECTS and the list of packages should start to
> compile & link. Unfortunately, you will get errors saying that various *.bpi
> files cannot be found. This will only happen on the *RT* runtime packages at
> the
> top of the list. It happens because you moved the old *.bpi files to get a
> clean
> system, but you are going to build them anyway - it's a BCB thing !
> (If the option BUILD ALL PROJECTS is greyed out, simply double click on one
> of the packages in the project manager to open it, then try again. It's a
> foible
> in BCB.)
> For each message, click the CANCEL button, not the OK one. There will be a
> few
> messages to CANCEL, so just do them all. It's fun isn't it?

I find that compiling one at a time works easier for the
first build - just use the right hand mouse in the project
manager, and select build or install depending if it is a
runtime, or designtime.

> If you get any errors in the linking phase, which state that *.OBJ cannnot
> be found, right click on each package name, select OPTIONS, click on the
> DIRECTORIES/CONDITIONALS tab and remove the intermediate path. It's
> another IDE bug I'm afraid.

I need to check the project files, if Jason touches
something, it sometimes changes the default entry ( THAT IS
THE BUG! ) then the project will only run on his setup.

> The need to leave the intermediate output path blank is required because the
> IDE will sometimes
> fail to read an OBJ file from the intermediate folder when linking. The
> file(s) are there and can
> be read, the linker just doesn't see them.

This is the same problem as above - I took a lot of trouble
to get all the projects using \Inter for the intermediate
files simply because the IDE default is not consistant. I
suspect that something is broken here because of the same
IDE problem above!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services