Subject Re: [IBO] Invalid handle
Author Nando Dessena
Jason et al,

> If you figure out which ones tell us and then we can do a temp hack
> of IBO to get around this problem.

just in case anyone is interested, commenting the following lines in
TIB_Connection.SysUpdateCharacteristics provides a workaround:

AddInfoItem( isc_info_allocation );

AddInfoItem( isc_info_db_size_in_pages );

(I'd leave the statement FCharacteristics.dbSizeInPages := 0; in place).

I have seen that the thing connects without complaints, but I don't know
what all else will cease operating normally with this change.
I haven't checked the Firebird code for changed constant values.

I must say that I prefer one of the other two known workarounds (turning
forced writes off or using a previous beta) until a patch to RC1 is out.