Subject Re: [IBO] Invalid handle
Author Jason Wharton
The problem is a bug in Firebird RC1. This is confirmed.
IBO is just more demanding that things be right so it reveals the problem
where other connectivity options don't.
There will not be any (permanent) changes made in IBO to work around this
problem since it is a bug in FB that will be resolved.

If someone wants to be clever to find out why IBO fails and IBX doesn't, it
is in the code in IBA_Connection.IMP where it is getting the connection
characteristics in the call to API_DatabaseInfo. Some of the
isc_database_info parameters could be removed and that may avoid the
hang-up. If you figure out which ones tell us and then we can do a temp hack
of IBO to get around this problem.

(I haven't installed RC1 and I don't plan to knowing of this issue so I
won't be figuring out which they are.)

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] Invalid handle

> Hi
> I have a dialect 1 database. I can connect to database but when I
> try to disconnect it gives an exception saying 'The handle is
> Invalid'. I'm using Firebird RC1. It works alright with previous version
> of Firebird. And it even works alright with IBX, so I think it is IBO.
> Any workarounds?
> Regards
> Sandeep
> Software Developer
> sandeep@...
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