Subject Re: [IBO] DLL/BPL and app with lots of modules
Author Steve Fields
Jason Wharton wrote:
> I believe you can use packages much easier than you recognize. When you make
> your projects you can have your classes stored in packages but you don't
> necessarily have to make your instances in the context of the package
> itself. If you are concerned about interoperating with languages other than
> Delphi is the only time you need to make a DLL. Otherwise, packages are a
> dream come true.
> One thing I do with my forms is I use my IBF_Base class. On it there is a
> connection and transaction source component. This allows me to make them
> connection and transaction context aware. As a result, when I am
> instantiating a form I use the special constructor of that form base class
> called CreateWithContext. I also use it to pass in a registry key where the
> form stores its user preference and other settings. It is common for my
> applications to reuse the same form class in different ways. Being able to
> shift them into existing transaction contexts or establish their own is a
> very useful capability.
> Regards,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ
In regards to your transaction and connection source I could
not quite grasp the use of them: Would the IB_Query not do just
as well if you passed a IB_Connection to the routine and used it
to be the connection for internal queries (to the DLL/BPL based

Steve Fields