Subject Re: [IBO] DLL/BPL and app with lots of modules
Author Marco Lauria
At 08.05 12/11/2001 -0600, you wrote:
> In regards to your transaction and connection source I could
>not quite grasp the use of them: Would the IB_Query not do just
>as well if you passed a IB_Connection to the routine and used it
>to be the connection for internal queries (to the DLL/BPL based
Having a connection source and a transaction source in the form
allows you to assigns these items at run time,
so that your forms at design time will not point to the datamodule,
instead these properties will be initialized only at run time.

I modified the forms of jason to publish this properties, register them
and created an expert to create descendants...
Only that this is currently for BCB5 only.
I hope I'll have the time to port it to delphi and to give it to the community.
However with no published properties you can use jason's one.
Simply at run time use the modified constructor.
and in the inherited forms, overload the modified constructor.

P.S. The only other solution I can find if u use DLL is to manually assign
the COnnection and transaction to all all your objects..
and this is not really Object Oriented Programming...
in OO you create an object that does this for you.