Subject Strange behaviour of IB_Grids - or is it my fault?
Author Christian G├╝tter

I have got a form with a TPageControl and
some grids on the PageControl.

When I enter a tabsheet, in some of the grids
the first row is highlighted, in other grids

I wonder why this happens because as far as I
can see, the poperties of the grids are all set
to the same values.

In addition to that, in some grids, I can scroll
through the dataset using the mouse wheel, in others

And what makes things even more strange: after scrolling
through the grids which can be scrolled through using the
mouse wheel for a while, the other grids change their mind
and can also be scrolled through using the mouse wheel.

All my grids have RowSelect and ListboxStyle = True; I use
IBO 4.2Eg on Windows 2000.

This behaviour just occurs on the form with the PageControl,
all other grids in my app work fine.

These are not very severe errors, but I would be glad if someone
could shed some light on this.