Subject Re: [IBO] DLL/BPL and app with lots of modules
Author Geoff Worboys
Hi Steve,

The problem I had with BPLs was the increase in memory useage. Every
new runtime library you add increases the startup memory requirement -
anywhere from 1 - 5 Mb per library depending on whats in them.
Depending on the number of libraries and the sorts of platforms you
want to run on this may or may not be a problem to you. (I was
developing for a terminal server implementation and the per user
memory consumption was a problem to me). However BPLs are certainly
easier to setup and use with Delphi and BCB.

There is nothing too much wrong with supplying queries etc in separate
DLL/BPL modules, as long as they all refer back to a common
connection/session - and this is pretty much automatic with BPLs.

You may also like to investigate the idea of storing form definitions
inside the database - to reduce the number of program modules
required. This is really only practical for those forms where you
expect the custom code to be minimal. I did this with the dream
designer (see and it works very well.


Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing