Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_LookupCombo to allow selecting
Author Nando Dessena

> I think the major problem is that it would not be practical
> to implement. Inserting a dummy entry into the selection list
> for a lookup would be a lot of work - especially allowing for
> individual tastes that may want such an option forced to the
> top, the bottom or perhaps within the sort order. At the
> moment the lookup control works using a standard IB_Grid to
> display the list. For it to support a non database entry would
> mean building a specialised display grid just for this control.
> Also, given that the lookup may be over a dataset of many
> thousands of records and that IBO can setup refined incremental
> searching so that it may not even see the top or bottom of the
> dataset, it is difficult to see how the idea could be
> implemented efficiently.

just a thought...
Since Jason already has a lot of control on his dataset memory buffers,
perhaps the concept of "calculated records" could be implemented in a
way similar to that of calculated fields. The user would deliver the
values for the calculated fields in a suitable event handler and this
could be useful in many other situations.
I can see that it would be a major work to implement.