Subject Re: [IBO] One PC hangs all the net.
> Maybe I don't explained enough. All the PCs on the network are
> running the same IBO-application, and all they are connecting the
> same Database; all they are waiting for data or processing data.
> There is no other applications running.

Just to clarify - there is a query being made by one of the
PC's in this application which is taking too long so all the
other copies are waiting until the problem one finishes?

Have you tested your possible queries manually - run the SQL
in IB_SQL, or simply set up the query in the on line editor
and open the dataset.

I had a couple of queries that were fine in one mode, but
took minutes in another, and that held everthing up.

Is that the sort of problem?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services