Subject Re: [IBO] One PC hangs all the net.
Author Geoff Worboys
> Maybe I don't explained enough. All the PCs on the
> network are running the same IBO-application, and
> all they are connecting the same Database; all
> they are waiting for data or processing data.
> There is no other applications running.

Try NOT running the IBO application on one of the PCs. Then setup the
situation where everything usually locks up. Can the PC not running
the IBO application access the network (access other files etc)? You
may need to setup two PCs that dont run in the IBO app, so that you
can test the network capability between those two PCs.

If the PCs that are not running the IBO application can access the
network then it sounds like the IB/FB server is locking out. Check
out the PC running the IB server. What resources is it using? What
operating system and IB/FB version is the server running?

If the PCs that are not running the IBO application are not able to
access the network then I sincerely doubt that you have a client
application problem. It is probably a network problem - perhaps a bad
hub that is flooding the network with traffic. The problem may only
be showing up when the IBO app is running due to the traffic that it
introduces to the network. That is; The more traffic the more errors
and retries that are generated and so the more the rest of the network
is locked out.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing