Subject Re: [IBO] One PC hangs all the net.
Author Jason Wharton
InterBase doesn't afford the possibility you are asking about.
You need to turn on the SQL trace to figure out what it is doing that is
hogging resources.
At least you know which machine is doing it.

Compare the GDS32.DLL on that machine compared to the others by doing a full
disk scan for it.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: Re: [IBO] One PC hangs all the net.

> Maybe I don't explained enough. All the PCs on the network are
> running the same IBO-application, and all they are connecting the
> same Database; all they are waiting for data or processing data.
> There is no other applications running.
> I'm sure the error is on the client-application, but until I find it,
> I would like not to hang the other PCs, by limiting the traffic:
> maybe the TIB_Query->MaxRows, MaxTicks properties can help me?
> Or there exists any other properties at IB_Connection level to avoid
> or reject this bad request?
> Hugo.