Subject Re: [IBO] One PC hangs all the net.
Maybe I don't explained enough. All the PCs on the network are
running the same IBO-application, and all they are connecting the
same Database; all they are waiting for data or processing data.
There is no other applications running.
I'm sure the error is on the client-application, but until I find it,
I would like not to hang the other PCs, by limiting the traffic:
maybe the TIB_Query->MaxRows, MaxTicks properties can help me?
Or there exists any other properties at IB_Connection level to avoid
or reject this bad request?

--- In IBObjects@y..., "G. Allen Casteran" <allen@n...> wrote:
> That's a pretty wide open question. There are many things that can
> causing this. You say that one PC is causing the whole network to
hang. So
> what is this one PC doing??
> Are all the PC's that are hung up running an IBO app that is
waiting for data?
> Can they do anything else or run any other app while this occurs?
> You could have network errors, bad hardware, application errors, a
> running on the server, or a host of other issues to deal with. You
need to
> go sleuthing to find out what is happening to cause this. As for
IBO, on
> its own it should not be the cause of this.
> Happy hunting!! :)
> Allen.