Subject IB_Currency 1.0 coming
Author Marco Menardi
Hi, I've received some encouragement and no suggestion for my
IB_Currency, so I've developed it my own way. Here the last
improvements for the version I've sent to Jason today:
(* RELEASE NOTES for IB_Currency Ver. 1.0 2001/11/04
A lot of ideas and 'inspiration' has been taken from TIB_Date for
code tuning and correct behaviour. Many thanks to his author for his
invaluable job.
- control can work in unbound mode
- default shortcut for conversion: 'c' (or 'C')
- RoundDecimalPos = -9 for using Actual currency decimals, taken
from DisplayFormat. If you have an actual currency defined as
Numeric(15,0) you can specify a DisplayFormat like ',0.####',

RoundDecimalPos = 0 and enter foreign currency with up to 4
decimals and convert them to whole numbers.
If you specify a negative number between -8 and 0, the rounding

is performed to that position to the left of the decimal point,

i.e. if -1, 206 -> 210 (assuming ForeignToActualRatio = 1). This

is useful for example when you have to round a number for tax
RoundDecimalPos is also used in unbound mode to set the actual

currency number of decimals (if -9, CurrencyDecimals is assumed).
- RoundMode to specify the rounding method (see VCL help for
- ConversionShortCut implemented (default 'c' key)
- Conversion can take place inside the Editbox, without having to

drop down the calculator first
- Calculator is NOT yet implemented :)

Hope that you like these improvements and they are good for your
needs. Your suggestions are welcome as usual :)
Marco Menardi