Subject Re: [IBO] Instalation problem (IBO4_F_b, BC4)-"ib_process" already used
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:36 PM 04-11-01 +0100, you wrote:
>Help wanted !
>I tried to install IBObjects 4.2Fb with C++ Builder 4.0 professional.
>First I removed all components of IBObejects 4.2 Eg from IDE and my HDD.
>Installing the packages everthing worked fine until IBO40VDT_C4.bpk.
>I get the package compiled and linked, but when I try to install
>this designtime package into IDE, this error-message appears
>"Package 'IBO40TRT_C4' can not be loaded. It contains unit
>'Ib_process', which is also included in package 'IBO40VRT_C4' ".
>All designtime packages after this one, have got the same problem.
>What could be the problem, how can I solve it ?

1. 4.2Fb is a patch for the 4.2F sub-release. Did you download and unpack 4.2F first, before unpacking 4.2Fb over the top?

2. Did you install the packages in the correct order (as shown in HowToInstall.txt)?


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