Subject Locate and the POS-attribute
Some days ago, Jason told me, that the POS-attribute can speed up the
locate-method. I have made some tests and here are the results:
I have a customers-dataset with nearly 7000 records and this dataset is
ordered by customer-nr. I do a locate on the customer-name (remember,
that the dataset is not ordered by the customer-name) and I want to find
a customer, which is the last one in the dataset. I simulate a slow
network connection by copying some big files over the network, while I
do the locate.
The locate without the POS-attribute takes 51,5 seconds
The locate with the POS-attribute takes 1,5 seconds

Wow, this is really great, Jason. I don't know how you are doing this,
but it's magic.
I had a lot of problems with a slow network at my customer and then
comes IBO4 and all problems are solved. Thanks Jason.
BTW, I think you should really mention this great feature in your
help-file, there is nothing written about it.