Subject Installproblem IBObjects 4.2Fa with C++ Builder 4.0
Author DentaSys Vertriebs GmbH
Help wanted !

I tried to install IBObjects 4.2Fa with C++ Builder 4.0 professional.

First I removed all components of IBObejects 4.2 Eg from IDE and my HDD.

Installing the packages everthing worked fine until IBO40VDT_C4.bpk.
I get the package compiled and linked, but when I try to install
this designtime package into IDE, this error-message appears:

( translated from German )
"Package 'IBO40TRT_C4' can not be loaded. It contains unit
'Ib_process', which is also included in package 'IBO40VRT_C4' ".

All designtime packages after this one, have got the same problem.

What could be the problem, how can I solve it ?

Any help is welcome
Best regards S. Grueninger