Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOTable and QR
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:58 PM 31-10-01 +0000, Andy Murphy wrote:
>No I dont think it works, you see when you link a query as the master to the
>table (detail) then the table automaticcally populates when the master
>record changes. A function I'm told QR requires, otherwise the param would
>have to be refreshed for every new generated page in the report.


>You set the QR detail band to use the TIBOQuery and drop a sub-detail band
>on the QR and tell that to use the TIBOTable. Once you have told the
>TIBOTable that its master source is the TIBOQuery and its MasterFields is
>the connecting field, QR sorts it all out from there. You get a 10 page
>printout with independent master information on each page and then a nice
>list of 10 detail items on that page.
>I have no idea what would trigger an TIBOQuery if I was to use it to change
>the param on every new QR page when the master changes.

Use the detail query's Datasource property - link it to the datasource that points to the master query. All you need to ensure the proper master-detail behaviour (i.e. same as Mastersource & Masterfields) is to have identical column names for the linking columns. You can use aliased column names in the detail query if you need to.


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