Subject TIBOTable and QR
Author Andy Murphy

I am having to use a TIBOTable instead of my usual TIBOQuery because it is
part of
a master-detail relationship for printing a report. the key field my
(master) and TIBOTable (detail) use is called UARN. It works fine,
as the max number of records in the detail TIBOTable per UARN is 30 so I'm
worried about the size of the table.

There is however a problem, my printout needs the detail records in a
certain order:

LIST > EFF_KEY > ALT_KEY (first one is a varchar(4) carrying a year, then
the other two are date fields and I need them all descending)

The problem is that to make this happen I need to set the TIBOTable to an
an index like:

create descending index index1 on hist (uarn, list, eff_key, alt_key)

Now it works however there is 1.8million records in this table and the index
becomes quite large, Im trying to keep my GDB down as much as possible.

Is there a way of sorting this TIBOTable information locally at the client
This would negate the need for a large index and as there is likely to be
only upto 30 records for each Master record, it wouldnt be slow,

Any ideas welcomed.