Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOTable and QR
Author Daniel Rail
Have you tried using the IndexFieldNames property in TIBOTable?

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Med Software Inc. (

At 31/10/2001 07:22 AM, you wrote:
>I am having to use a TIBOTable instead of my usual TIBOQuery because it is
>part of
>a master-detail relationship for printing a report. the key field my
>(master) and TIBOTable (detail) use is called UARN. It works fine,
>as the max number of records in the detail TIBOTable per UARN is 30 so I'm
>worried about the size of the table.
>There is however a problem, my printout needs the detail records in a
>certain order:
>LIST > EFF_KEY > ALT_KEY (first one is a varchar(4) carrying a year, then
>the other two are date fields and I need them all descending)
>The problem is that to make this happen I need to set the TIBOTable to an
>an index like:
>create descending index index1 on hist (uarn, list, eff_key, alt_key)
>Now it works however there is 1.8million records in this table and the index
>becomes quite large, Im trying to keep my GDB down as much as possible.
>Is there a way of sorting this TIBOTable information locally at the client
>This would negate the need for a large index and as there is likely to be
>only upto 30 records for each Master record, it wouldnt be slow,
>Any ideas welcomed.