Subject Re: [IBO] Not About IBO but Interbase
Author Andreas Pohl
If you are asking if this possible: yes
If you are asking how to do that: use three TIB_Query comp with its own TIB_connection comp pointing to different databases.

Your report tool should work with query1, query2, query3 (count, sum).

You cannot query within 3 databases with only one result set!

Mit freundlichem Gruss & Best Regards

Andreas Pohl
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Subject: [IBO] Not About IBO but Interbase

> Hi All
> My Question is not about IBO but interbase I need a very urgent answer so please forgive me...
> Our new project needs to query more than one databases at a time. For example You have 3 companies application; the three company have their GDB and you have to query and create reports from these three GDB files.