Subject Re: [IBO] AutoCommit and Commit instead of CommitRetaining?
Author Jason Wharton
If you have IBO allowing a check to the OAT then it will do a hard commit as
appropriate automatically.
If you want the dataset to close after the transaction is completed then
call Close in the AfterPost event of the dataset.
If you want me to do a hard Commit instead of a soft Commit when carrying
out the AutoCommit mode, I don't think that would be a useful feature
considering all of the other capabilities to manage transaction handles.

Perhaps I have missed you point somehow?

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] AutoCommit and Commit instead of CommitRetaining?

> For base table (i.e. customer data), I use a transaction with
> AutoCommit set to true and a ib_Query with CommitAction set to
> caClose. But at each post the default behaviour of the transaction is
> to use CommitRetaining transactions. How can I change this kind of
> automatic transaction to the "pure" ones, i.e. Start, Commit, RollBack
> (without retaining)?
> I'm using UpdateBar and don't want the user being bored with a
> transaction bar (he can't be involved in such a specific, technical
> problem).
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi