Subject Re: [IBO] AutoCommit and Commit instead of CommitRetaining?
--- In IBObjects@y..., "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...> wrote:
> If you have IBO allowing a check to the OAT then it will do a hard
commit as
> appropriate automatically.
> If you want the dataset to close after the transaction is completed
> call Close in the AfterPost event of the dataset.
> If you want me to do a hard Commit instead of a soft Commit when
> out the AutoCommit mode, I don't think that would be a useful
> considering all of the other capabilities to manage transaction
> Perhaps I have missed you point somehow?
Jason, in the past I've often thought about IBO being "incomplete" or
"far from real world", just to discover then, having learned more
about it, how handy and powerful it is.
Just yesterday, I've filled the Connection FieldCharCase with "upper"
for all my database domains to have ALL MY FORMS behave with the
correct case for each field. This is not only time saving, but it's a
huge help in the event that I have to change something in the future!
So I want to explain to you what I want, asking you to put me in the
right direction.
Now I'm building forms for entering "basic data", like for customer
table, employers, etc.
I want each form to be displayed with the query state in dssSearch, so
I can first check if the customer is already in the database or
directly add it if I'm sure it's not. The search is useful even if
I've to modify existent data.
After each post, I would like to don't consume server resources or
keeping transactions active, since there is no reason to have a
transaction active for a long time.
OAT seems something that works "in the background", trying to do it's
best for keeping interbase to work at it's best, but seems to me that
the following things would help much more in a situation like the
above, sure very common.
a) having the query CommitAction set to the actually not existent
"caSearch", so the dataset is automatically put in dssSearch state
after each commit.
b) since the CommitAction is not fired when the Autocommit is set, and
since the CommitRetaining is not appropriate in this situation, I
would like to have AutoCommit set to "hard" commit instead of
CommitRetaining (the property should be: none, Commit,
Am I missing something?
Thanks for your work and technical support
Marco Menardi