Subject DSQL doesn´t, CURSOR does twice: stored procedures
Author hannes hernler
I´ve got a funny phenomenon:

I have a stored procedure in my database and tested
various IBO components by calling this SP.
if not dsqlNewItem.Prepared then
dsqlNewItem.ParamByName('POMAGID').asinteger := Info['OMag'];
dsqlNewItem.ParamByName('PIPARENT').asinteger := Info['Parent'];
result:= dsqlNewItem.fieldbyname('RID').asinteger;
the DSQL query is always the same:

in the SP a generator is called and an row inserted in a table.
the generated value is returned.

when I use a TIB_Cursor, the procedure is called twice.
when I use TIB_DSQL it works one time in the context above
and from then on reurns the same RID every time (and no
row is inserted)
when I use TIB_StoredProcedure everything works fine.

ok, I go and use TIB_StoredProcedure .
but in IBO help is written that it should make no difference...

hannes hernler
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