Subject Re: [IBO] access to gdb files without interbase server??
Author hannes hernler
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From: "Helen Borrie" <helebor@...>
> >official borland support statement:
> >... the BDE engine can access ... local InterBase files directly. ...
> Hannes,
> Just don't take blurb written by marketers too literally. ...
>There is no "secret file-based version" of IB that works like
>Paradox. It is just same-old LIBS!

thank you Helen,
I thought so! but I had to argue with customers who are "informed"
as customers have to be nowadays and how it is written in tons of
books like "beeing a customer in a nutshell" ;-))

that´s a very major problem of interbase: lot´s of knowledge is
out there about visual basic, ASP, PHP, Winword, Access, MS-SQL
no computer magazine has featured interbase as desktop database
of the month. but MS Access was several times.
it is hard to explain certain customers why I am using interbase then
instead of Access :-(( especially hard when it comes to technical details
and they say that they are not interested in details...