Subject Re: [IBO] access to gdb files without interbase server??
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>it is hard to explain certain customers why I am using interbase then
>instead of Access :-(( especially hard when it comes to technical details
>and they say that they are not interested in details...

IB is designed for multiple users, doesn't come to a halt if size of the
database increase (well, if you do things sensibly) and lets you use IBO
(best database connectivity this century), which works and makes your
software reliable in a shorter time frame. In short: IB is more powerful
and has fewer unpleasant surprises.

I doubt all this is true in every possible situation (I've never really
used Access and know virtually nothing about it) - and Access is bound to
have other strengths even if it is, but if they object they may have to
delve into the technical details to convince you!

If neither this nor your program(s) does help, show them a picture of Jason
to convince them that he really is intelligent and trustworthy!