Subject Re: [IBO] access to gdb files without interbase server??
Bounced again - two copies of other mail displayed?

> I doubt all this is true in every possible situation (I've never really
> used Access and know virtually nothing about it) - and Access is bound to
> have other strengths even if it is, but if they object they may have to
> delve into the technical details to convince you!

Three of my little jobs have been to take a slow labourious
Access application and mack it more user friendly. What took
Access 40 to 50 seconds no happens before the key is back up
and the customers are more than happy.

IBO3.6 and IB6 setups, but I will put IBO4/Firebird on when
I am in those sites next.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services