Subject Re: [IBO] (some kind off topic) access to gdb files without interbase server??
Author Artur Anjos
Hi Hannes,

I never saw any computer magazine featured MS SQL Server as "desktop database of the month". Don't compare things that could not be compared. Tell that to your client.

First, you must inform your client about the differences betwen a Client/Server database and a desktop database. What does he wants? This is the first step. These are not Tech Details. You must discuss this in the same way you discuss the OS that your appl is going to run.

Does he want a desktop database? Great. Build the app using what he wants: he is paying.

In my live I always found two types of clients:

a) The ones that makes my job great. This ones will listing to my tech details, compare the choices they have, trying to understand different approaches, etc, etc, and then they take a decision. I really don't care if their decision is equal to mine: I give them the choices and they choose. They are paying for a job, and it's my decision if I want to do that or not. I love this kind of clients.

b) The ones that remembers me that my job has another function: get payed. This ones don't care about tech details, and they want a job done. I really don't care if their decision is equal to mine, they don't want my opinion at all. "It's a dirty job, but someone have to do it...".

In clients of Type b) I spend lot's of years trying to make a good job. I was never abble to. I realize that I have a problem with this client type. I spend some money on therapy. No results. Now I avoid them, for clinical reasons.

(Sorry about my english!)
Artur Trindade Anjos

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Subject: Re: [IBO] access to gdb files without interbase server??

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From: "Helen Borrie" <helebor@...>
> >official borland support statement:
> >... the BDE engine can access ... local InterBase files directly. ...
> Hannes,
> Just don't take blurb written by marketers too literally. ...
>There is no "secret file-based version" of IB that works like
>Paradox. It is just same-old LIBS!

thank you Helen,
I thought so! but I had to argue with customers who are "informed"
as customers have to be nowadays and how it is written in tons of
books like "beeing a customer in a nutshell" ;-))

that´s a very major problem of interbase: lot´s of knowledge is
out there about visual basic, ASP, PHP, Winword, Access, MS-SQL
no computer magazine has featured interbase as desktop database
of the month. but MS Access was several times.
it is hard to explain certain customers why I am using interbase then
instead of Access :-(( especially hard when it comes to technical details
and they say that they are not interested in details...


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