Subject Re: [IBO] access to gdb files without interbase server??
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:38 AM 12-10-01 +0200, hannes hernler wrote:
>ever heard of that?
>official borland support statement:
>InstallShield Express distributes applications, the BDE and a local version
>of the
>InterBase SQL Link driver (remote connections are not permitted). It does
>distribute any of the other SQL Link drivers (DLL's). As such the BDE engine
>only access ASCII, Paradox, dBASE and local InterBase files directly.
>... the BDE engine can access ... local InterBase files directly. ...
>is this true? why do we use IBX or IBO and IB server?

Just don't take blurb written by marketers too literally. (BDE + the native IB driver + the gds32.dll client) is the equivalent of (IBO + gds32.dll) or (IBX + gds32.dll). A client/server database "file" isn't accessed directly any of them but only through transactions, which have to be started and finished by gds32.dll. There is no "secret file-based version" of IB that works like Paradox. It is just same-old LIBS!


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