Subject Re: [IBO] Sample IBOQuery (project) questions
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:28 PM 05-10-01 +0800, you wrote:

>Yes, IBO certainly is powerful, everything worked okay, and I can see
>the data in the IB_Grid. However, when I press F9, no data in the grid. I
>guess it is that 'PasswordRemembered' thing you mentioned.

No, the property is PasswordStorage and, for experimentation purposes, set it to psNotSecure. Just don't deploy anything with this setting.

But that's not what is stopping you from seeing data. You actually need to have your app make the connection. In the GSG, about 2/3-way down the topic "Working the Ropes" is a piece of connection code which should work for you.

If LoginPrompt is true, IBO will jump into this event and have you enter (or confirm) the connection settings (incl. user name and password); but it doesn't open the datasets for you.

There are lots of good reasons for this but one of the key ones is that, in client/server work, you often (even *usually*) want to keep datasets closed until the app requires them to be open. Typically, you might have one dataset open to provide a selector that the user will use to tell the app which records she is interested in. IBO can pick up selected values as input parameters for another query.


> > Run the program ( Helen may need to add a note here - on
> > Builder my connections stay open so everthing works 'from
> > the box' but we may need to add something to open the
> > connection in Delphi - its the new 'PasswordRemembered'
> > stuff which is being too clever at times )
> >
> > Here ends the first lesson
> >
> > All the clever layout stuff is controlled by entries in the
> > TIB_Query pop-up but that is another lesson.
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