Subject Re: [IBO] FreeUDFLib and Replication
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:57 PM 05-10-01 +0200, you wrote:
>My Library compiled without hassles on Kylix will it work without hassles
>when I put it in the udf directory of Firebird and import it.
>I havent had chance to install Firebird on Linux yet.
>With this question in mind I doubt that it would be very difficult to get
>FreeUDFLib to compile under Linux if it does compile and can be imported
>sucsesfully then the Replication components should work without any

Err, no.

There is a translation of FreeUDFLib for Linux done by Rob Schieck, available from the Mers site, but code for the blob UDFs wasn't debugged (so it doesn't work). Since early in August there have been purpose-written UDF libs for Windows and Linux for use with the Replication module. This is noted in HowToInstall.txt.

Please go back to the registered download site and pick up the Blobcompare.tar file which contains a UDF especially written for the Replication module. It sounds as if you have a very old version of the RPL help file, too. Pick this up - in the Appendix are instructions for installing the UDF.


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