Subject Re: [IBO] Sample IBOQuery (project) questions
> Yes, IBO certainly is powerful, everything worked okay, and I can see
> the data in the IB_Grid. However, when I press F9, no data in the grid. I
> guess it is that 'PasswordRemembered' thing you mentioned.
> > Run the program ( Helen may need to add a note here - on
> > Builder my connections stay open so everthing works 'from
> > the box' but we may need to add something to open the
> > connection in Delphi - its the new 'PasswordRemembered'
> > stuff which is being too clever at times )

In IBO3.6 everthing just opened automatically, but there
were compalaints about security, so the extra facilities
were added. I think you need to add a line in OnCreateForm
to open the connection now. In Builder it's just


think you need


and then the login prompt will pop up when you start the

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services