Subject Re: [IBO] Sample IBOQuery (project) questions
Author Peter Richards
Hi Lester,

Thanks for the instructions, I printed them out and marked "Lesters

On 5 Oct 2001, at 8:07, lester@... wrote:

> > >I think I'm getting too confused because I'm trying to skip learning
> > >Delphi and jumped straight into IBO. All we need is a TDBGrid type
> > >display for a single table showing the blob column (user can dble-click
> > >to open) and the other 3 columns. An IBOQuery runs when the user presses
> > >a button. I don't want to go near the BDE.
> >
> > We are not talking about going near the BDE. The data access components
> > you are using (those with the TIBO* prefix) are designed to _emulate_
> > their BDE equivalents, so that you can use the TDatasource and the
> > controls from the native Delphi VCL.
> Starting point.
> Start a new project
> Don't go near the IBO component tab ( iboTDataset )!
> Put in a TIB_Connection ( iboCore ) and <Double Click> on it
> to set it's values, you can check in the pop-up if you can
> actually connect.
> Set its property 'LoginPrompt' to true - you will see why
> when you run the program.
> Put in an TIB_Query ( iboAccess ), again <double click> on
> it and set the actual fields you want to work with. Here you
> can look at the data that it is going to return. ( In an
> IB_Grid ! )
> When you exit the pop-up - set the 'RequestLive' property to
> 'true'. This will switch on the clever stuff ( old BDE hands
> tend to want it off but that is their loss )
> Put in a TIB_DataSource ( iboAccess ) and set its Dataset
> property to point at the query.
> Put an IB_Grid ( iboGrids ) on the form and connect its
> DataSource property to the TIB_DataSource.
> Finally switch the 'Active' property on the Query to 'true'
> and by magic the data will appear in the grid.

Yes, IBO certainly is powerful, everything worked okay, and I can see
the data in the IB_Grid. However, when I press F9, no data in the grid. I
guess it is that 'PasswordRemembered' thing you mentioned.

> Run the program ( Helen may need to add a note here - on
> Builder my connections stay open so everthing works 'from
> the box' but we may need to add something to open the
> connection in Delphi - its the new 'PasswordRemembered'
> stuff which is being too clever at times )
> Here ends the first lesson
> All the clever layout stuff is controlled by entries in the
> TIB_Query pop-up but that is another lesson.