Author Steven Beames
Hi Jason,

>>One thing I plan to add into a later minor release of IBO v4 is just >>
>>what you are talking about here.

I think I understand some of your reply regarding the transfer efficiency
aspect, but I'm still unsure of how/whether I can implement the type of
custom sorting I want. Are you suggesting that a custom client-side TIB_Grid
sorting algorithm may be possible in a future release?

The only way I can currently think to do what I want is to store each value
as integer values of the smallest units likely to be used in a hidden
column, and parse the data coming in for storage, and out again for display
to the user. I guess this would be displayed as a calculated field?
Display Stored as
82pF 82
0.1nF 100
100,000uF 100000000000 etc.

(where p = 10E-12, n = 10E-9, u = 10E-6)

Does anyone know a better way?

Please excuse my BCB5/DB/IB/IBO/SQL newbieness,
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